Re-Established 2011

Turkey Hard Red Winter Wheat can be traced back to Turkey before the 19th century. Mennonite immigrants fleeing Tsarist persecution brought it to Kansas in the 1870s, and it soon was grown throughout the Great Plains. By 1920, it became the most grown hard winter  wheat in the area. Today the variety has become very rare, but a small group of farmers in Kansas are dedicated to bringing back the variety, which  is highly drought resistant and has a great root structure which is healthy for the soil.

Turky Hard Red Winter Wheat  is tall and winter hardy, with a rich, complex flavor. It requires lots of light, but is otherwise easy to grow. It only needs water if the weather is exceptionally dry and grows so densely that no watering is needed. Sow winter wheat about 2-3 weeks before the first frost of the fall, covering lightly with soil. This gives the seed some time to set roots before winter frost, and it will grow easily the following spring.