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An heirloom from the southern states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee,  this beautiful deep brown and tan bean is typically a pole bean.  It is a heavy producer of 5-6 inch pods and can be used for snap or dry. The stringless bean has a beautiful green color and is great as a fresh bean. It has deep bean flavor and is sweet, rich, buttery, and meaty in taste and texture.

Oral history tells us that in the 1800s, the  original seed came from a turkey’s craw brought home by a hunter, believed to be an African American slave.


Seed Saving - beans: Self-pollinated, different varieties of Legumes only need to be planted about 5 feet apart. You can tell if there was a variety cross by the seed coat - but other traits may cross that are not evident. Make sure there's enough space for the plant to grow to maturity. When harvesting, make sure the pods and dry and papery. Pull up the entire plant and store in a dry place until they are ready for threshing. When smashed with a hammer - the seeds should shatter - indicating that they are dry enough for storage in a cool dry location for up to 4 years.