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The Orange Oxheart tomato is an heirloom from Virginia. It is deep orange in color from its skin through its dense flesh, often growing to a size of one pound or more. It has excelling flavor and is ideal for canning.  It also makes a delicious salsa.

Image courtesy of Slow Foods USA

Seed Saving - tomatoes: Solanaceae - (Tomatoes, Eggplants, Tomatillos) - Each little flower is self pollinated in this family -making isolation distances less critical. Tomatoes: Harvest seed when the tomato is ripe. Squeeze out the juice and seeds, leaving the meat of the tomato behind. Add the same amount of water and let ferment for 3 warm days - stirring daily. Pour off water, floating seeds and pulp and let the remaining seeds dry. Store in a cool dry location for up to 10 years. Eggplant: let desired fruit yellow on the vine, cut the fruit in half and dig out the seeds. Rinse with water and then dry. Store seeds in a cool dry location for up to 5 years.