Re-Established 2011

The Newtown Pippin, is a late-harvested, yellow-green apple with a green-yellow skin.  It’s known for its tart/sweet flavor and a distinctive aroma. A versatile fruit,  it is wonder eaten fresh, has superior baking qualities, improves with storage  and produces excellent fresh and fermented cider.

A native New Yorker, the Newtown Pippin was first harvested on a farm in Newtown, Queens County, N.Y. circa 1730. It was widely enjoyed in colonial times. In fact, when visiting Paris, Thomas Jefferson wrote home that “They have no apples here to compare with our Newtown Pippin.” It is now primarily grown commercially  in California for cider production.

The Newtown Pippin requires a hot summer and fall to ripen, followed by a storage period of several months for the flavors to fully develop.